The possibilies are endless! Vehicles can have a full image effect, simple lettering, numbers, photographic images, logos or a combination of each element mentioned to create your artwork.

Definitely, one of the key benefits of our vinyl solutions is the ability to remove graphics easily and return to the vehicles original paintwork.

We reccomend that you wash your car either by hand or by using a low powered (Max 1200psi) jet washer. We advise against mechanical car washing systems as the abrasive action can have a negative effect on the wrapping film used. Always take care when using chemicals or detergents to clean your vehicle - Most detergents are gentle but do check that the PH is scaled between 3 - 11.

We will not directly damage your paintwork, however you do need to ensure that the paintwork on your vehicle is of a non blemished OEM quality. This will stop any damage on application or removal of the graphics.

All kits provided by Fleet ID come with individually cut panels which are pre-masked for ease of lifting. We have a vast library of vehicle makes and models all compliant with Chapter 8 regulations.

Of course you can, each kit has a unique number, quote this when requesting replacement panels.

Our friendly and proffesional team can assist you with selecting the correct materials for the desired purpose. We also have PDF guides available to download throughout each service page on our website.

Fleet ID aim to be the one stop shop where you can get a truly tailored bespoke service, if that is for one vehicle or a whole fleet we will do our best to assure your needs are met whether it’s chapter 8, livery, branding, lighting systems or all of the mentioned.

We can supply your graphics or your kit in easy to remove materials to meet your requirements, a common option is to have magnetic panels fitted (providing your vehicle supports this) but we can discuss options with you.

Fleet ID’s team are easy to contact and are always happy to help, if your question wasn’t answered here feel free to contact us via email: or by telephone: 0344 2098775