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Vehicle Wrapping

Add the ultimate in personalisation to your vehicle

Looking for a way to add personality to your vehicle? Maybe you’re looking for some branding that will set your fleet apart from the rest? Whether you have a car, motorbike, van, truck, or even something a bit more unusual, we’re here to bring your ideas to life.

Here at Fleet ID, we can give your vehicle a totally unique and bespoke look. We’ll do this through coloured and tinted vehicle wrap, printed vehicle wrap and speciality materials such as window vision and window tint.

Working in partnership with…

Avery Vehicle Wrapping Film

If you’d like to change the colour of your vehicle, Avery Supreme Wrapping Film is the way to go. This coloured vehicle wrap provides a smooth paint-like finish that’s both durable and dazzling. Avery Supreme Wrapping Film is available in a huge range of colours and finishes. Simply let us know what you require and we’ll take it from there.

We can also use Avery Supreme Wrapping Film in conjunction with other wrapping materials to achieve the best possible result for your vehicle. You could choose Avery Supreme Wrapping Film for your bonnet and roof, together with a printed wrap for the rest of the vehicle.

Choose your Avery Supreme Wrap colour

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Avery Supreme Wrapping Film

Avery Supreme Wrapping Film provides a smooth paint like finish on your vehicle. Our experienced livery fitting team will wrap your vehicle with precision and care. Your vehicle (or fleet of vehicles) will be transformed quickly and easily using Avery Supreme Wrapping Film.


We’ll take you through the whole process…

Tell us what you need

Let us know the ideas you have for your vehicle. What colours would you like? Do you have any branding to include?

Tell us how you’d like your fleet livery to look

Design service

Our team of designers will get to work, bringing your ideas a step further to reality. Proofs will be sent to you for approval and we’ll work together to get it exactly right.

Call 0344 2098775 to let us know what you need

Production begins

As soon as you’ve approved your design, production will begin. All elements for the wrap will be produced in-house by our dedicated production team.

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Professional wrapping

A fitting day will be agreed. Our team of professional fitters can either fit at your premises or at our on site fitting bay.

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Printed vehicle wrap

For complete freedom of design, printed vehicle wrap is perfect. This allows you to add any kind of detail to your vehicle wrap. Whether you’d like a photograph, corporate branding or abstract design, this can all be achieved with printed vehicle wrap.

Using an Avery or Arlon printable wrap, we produce eye-catching printed vehicle wraps for any type of vehicle. If you need to match a specific colour for corporate branding purposes, this can be done through printed vehicle wrap.

With printed vehicle wrap, the sky is the limit!

Here’s how we transformed a standard-looking vehicle into something totally unique with printed vehicle wrap…

Take it to the windows…

Wrapping and personalisation doesn’t have to stop at the bodywork! Print and graphics can also be applied to the windows and this can be done in a number of ways.

One way vision

One way vision, or window vision, adds privacy for your passengers and offers another area to add personalisation. One way vision allows the print to be seen from the outside, while the passengers and driver can see clearly from the inside.

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Window tint

For some added luxury and modification, window tint can also become part of your vehicle transformation. Avery AWF NR Pro Window Film provides excellent solar protection and is available with different levels of light transmission.

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Vehicle wrap FAQ – all you need to know…

What can I have printed on my vehicle wrap?

The sky is the limit! With printable vehicle wrap, you can have a truly bespoke wrap for your vehicle. We’ve produced some amazing vehicle wraps for hundreds of customers, from Fire Engines sporting huge rainbow designs to safety vehicles for the NFL! Just let us know exactly what you need and our design team will create it for you!

What colour can I have my vehicle?

If you’re choosing Avery Supreme Wrapping Film, there are plenty of colours to choose from to suit every need. Please see the colour swatch at the top of this page.

When using printed vehicle wrap, we can produce any colour you may require. This is especially useful when colour matching for corporate identity reasons. Please contact us to let us know your requirements.

What printed vehicle wrap products do you print onto?

We have carefully selected the printable vehicle wraps that we use in order to give our customers vibrant wraps with a durable finish.

We produce printed vehicle wraps using Avery Dennison® MPI™ 1104 Series and Avery Dennison® MPI™ 1105 EARS, both over laminated with Avery Dennison® DOL 1460Z Gloss film vehicle wrap laminate.
We also offer printed vehicle wraps using Arlon SLX+® with FLITE Technology® combined with Series 3210 overlaminate for optimum performance for longer.

What warranty will my vehicle wrap have?

Whether you choose a single colour vehicle wrap product, such as Avery Supreme Wrapping Film, or a fully printed vehicle wrap, all of the products that we supply are supported by manufacturer warranties. For further details please speak to a member of our team about your chosen product on 0344 2098775.

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