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Livery for your fire service fleet

Vehicle safety markings for your Fire Service fleet

Here at Fleet ID, we understand that your fleet livery is essential to the safety of your team. Fire service vehicles need to be identified in a split second by other road users and pedestrians and the right livery plays a large part in that. Safety markings supplied by Fleet ID are constructed from the highest quality retroreflective and fluorescent films, offering the highest level of reflectivity. Our livery markings make your fire service fleet vehicles as noticeable as possible when you need it most.

But that’s not all. We also supply fully bespoke liveries – full colour printed graphics that allow for specific campaign messages to reach the wider public. Fire services have used their bespoke livery for everything from supporting recruitment drives, to showing support for Pride, to road safety awareness campaigns for motorcyclists.

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The coverage you need for your Fire Service fleet livery

Our Fire Service vehicle livery kits comply with the regulations related to conspicuity markings for the emergency services. Fire vehicle markings from Fleet ID Limited will help to maximise visibility for your fleet – whether daytime or night-time conditions.

We’re able to incorporate your particular Fire Service branding, if required, as well as any vehicle livery text that is needed. This may include bonnet text, text along the sides and also the rear of the Fire vehicle.


Edge sealed Fire Service fleet livery

It is of utmost importance that your fleet livery is as hard working as the vehicles to which it is applied. All of the Fire Service fleet livery that we supply is edge sealed. This is where the edges of the cut reflective material are sealed to ensure that dirt and water cannot penetrate the material, which would cause damage over time and affect the reflective performance of the product.

When cutting 3M, Nikkalite and Orafol reflective materials they undergo edge sealing as part of this process. The Avery reflective materials we use for emergency livery markings have self seal technology, which creates the seal as the material is being cut.

Whatever material you choose for your reflective markings, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that they are all edge seal protected.


Here when you need us most

Downtime of Fire Service fleet vehicles is disruptive and inconvenient. If your Fire fleet vehicle livery sustains any sort of damage, we understand that this will need rectifying as soon as possible.

We keep turn around times for Fire Service livery to a minimum – your replacement panels can even be with you within 48 hours. So, if you’re dealing with accident damage, your fleet vehicles need not be out of action a second longer than necessary.

What our Fire service livery markings are made from

All Fire service fleet livery markings are manufactured from regulation compliant materials. We manufacture reflective red and fluorescent yellow side battenburg markings and rear chevron markings from 3M, Avery Dennison, Nikkalite and Oralite materials. We’re able to advise which materials would be best for your particular fire fleet livery – contact us today to let us know about your fleet.

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Fire Service livery made from the industry leading materials

3M DG3 comes with Assured Seal – a 10 year warranty provided by 3M on emergency service vehicle livery manufactured from 3M Diamond Grade material.

Nikkalite Crystal Grade comes with Advantedge – edge sealed reflective rolls cut to various widths for emergency service livery.

Oralite 6900 and Oralite VC 612 are prismatic reflective films designed for high visibility livery applications on emergency vehicles.

Avery Dennison® V-8000 Series High Visibility Reflective Film is engineered to improve the day and night-time visibility of emergency response, utility, and construction fleets.

We understand that time is of the essence

This is one of the driving forces behind our unique vehicle livery ordering system – Fleet ID Secure. It has been specifically designed for the emergency services as a place to quickly and easily order fleet livery. Here, you will have access to your exact fleet vehicles, with the option of ordering full markings or replacement parts.

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Bespoke branding and campaign massages

Use your Fire Service fleet livery for those all important messages

A large part of what we do for our Fire Service fleet customers is the promotion of campaign messages, along with the incorporation of bespoke branding. Our printed liveries are really effective in getting across important safety messages to the public and supporting national Emergency Service campaigns.

The printed livery works hand in hand with all of the regulation reflective and fluorescent safety markings to create liveries that also provide high visibility in all environmental conditions.


Choose your bespoke livery

Bespoke liveries can range from anything from simple cut lettering and force branding to full colour complete vehicle wraps. We can advise on the best option for your particular requirement. Whatever message you’d like to convey, we have the solution. If required, our design team are on hand to create your fleet livery design.

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Just a handful of Fleet ID bespoke livery case studies…

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue have had a range of bespoke liveries – including this one to help recruit more on-call firefighters.

Read the Derbyshire Fire and Rescue story

Birmingham Airport Fire fleet

The Birmingham Airport Fire fleet needed new livery to help with on-site safety. We designed a completely bespoke design for their safety markings.

Read the full story here

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

We’ve worked with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue on many campaigns over the years. This work has involved everything from simple designs for their fleet of small vans to completely bespoke full wraps for their fire engines.

Find out more here

Need something a little more bespoke?


Bespoke Pride livery for Derbyshire Fire and Rescue

We were contacted by the team at Derbyshire Fire and Rescue who were in need of their fleet marking with bespoke emergency livery. Richard Wainwright, Transport Manager at Derbyshire Fire and Rescue, got in touch and let us know the requirements for their fleet. Click here to read the full story.

Our bespoke vehicle liveries can incorporate all aspects of your force branding, along with any special campaign or recruitment messages. The whole vehicle can be used – sides, bonnet and windows too. If you’ve got a special project in mind, contact our team today on 0344 2098775 or click here for our contact form.

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Our design team are here to design your perfect Fire Service livery

If you need a little help putting together your perfect vehicle livery design, our in-house design team ready to bring your ideas to life. From logo creation right through to bespoke vehicle livery and markings, just give us a brief and we’ll run with it.

Beacons and lightbars

As part of our full vehicle conversion service for emergency service vehicles, we supply a range of beacons and lightbars.

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