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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Chapter 8 kit should I order?

There are a few things to consider carefully before ordering a Chapter 8 kit and our online shop helps to guide you through all of these decisions. The key things to remember are to ensure you know the model of vehicle you are ordering for, then all you need to decide is which material to have, how much coverage and what type of kit. For more information about all of these points click here.

How should I apply my Chapter 8 kit?

The application of Chapter 8 kits is straight forward – just remember to give yourself the best start. This means cleaning the vehicle thoroughly prior to application and having all the right tools for the job. The type of kit you have will also determine the type of application that is required. A magnetic kit is the quickest! Find a full application guide here.

Will wrapping or graphics damage my paintwork?

We will not directly damage your paintwork, however you do need to ensure that the paintwork on your vehicle is of a non blemished OEM quality. This will stop any damage on application or removal of the graphics.

Do you offer bespoke options?

Fleet ID aim to be the one stop shop where you can get a truly tailored bespoke service, whether it is for one vehicle or a whole fleet we will do our best to assure your needs are met. We can help with Chapter 8 kits, full vehicle livery, corporate branding and lighting systems.

Do you offer a more temporary solution for graphics and kits?

We can supply your graphics or your kit in easy to remove materials to meet your requirements. A popular option is to have magnetic panels fitted – contact our team today on 0344 2098775 to talk through your options.

What can I have printed on my vehicle?

The possibilities are endless! Choose from full colour printed graphics, cut vinyl lettering, eye-catching vehicle wrapping films in colours to match your corporate identity – or a combination of all of the above! Talk to our team to let us know your vision.

I have a large fleet. How can I order quickly and easily?

With Fleet ID Bespoke, you’ll have a unique log in that accesses only the kits you require for your fleet. No need to scroll through all of the manufacturers to get to the one you need, just log in and jump straight to the exact vehicles that are in your fleet. From here you can order as much or as little of the livery as you like, from a section of the rear to a full livery including Chapter 8 kit.

  • Safe and secure online ordering
  • Order at any time of the day or night
  • Have all of your fleet vehicles pre-loaded into your account, ready to go when you are
  • Complete flexibility – order a whole kit, just a side or rear, or even just a few panels
  • View past order and re-order at the click of a button
Can I order replacement panels?

Yes, no problem. Simply contact us with the panel number/s you require and we’ll get that sorted for you. The numbers can be found on the application guide that was supplied with your Chapter 8 Chevron kit.

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