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Which Chapter 8 chevron kits are right for your fleet?

There are some things to consider before ordering Chapter 8 chevron kits for your vehicle or fleet. This will ensure that you get the right product for its purpose. Here, we go through all of the options that are available to you when ordering from Fleet ID. You’ll find all of the information you’ll need to make the right choice.

Choice #1 – Which material?

Fleet ID convert reflective and fluorescent materials from four leading manufacturers in the industry – 3M, Nikkalite and Orafol. The one you choose depends on a number of factors. One of the main things to consider is whether your fleet needs R3B compliant Chapter 8 kits. Only certain materials are R3B compliant. To find out more about R3B requirements and R3B compliant materials please click here.

The diagram below shows which materials to choose from in the 2 categories:

Choice #2 – What type of application would you like?

When it comes to the application of Chapter 8 kits, some of this comes down to personal choice and some comes down to necessity. Choose from Chapter 8 kits for quick application, temporary use and applications that give you complete control too.  Fleet ID offer four different kit types – planked, flooded separate, flooded applied and magnetic.

The Planked Chapter 8 Kit

Planked Chapter 8 kits are supplied as individual fluorescent and reflective strips taped together, for ease of application. This also allows easy removal and replacement. If any of the strips need replacing, whether due to accident damage or reduced performance, only the strips affected need to be replaced.

Order a planked kit for your vehicle

The Flooded Separate Chapter 8 Kit

Flooded separate kits are supplied to you as cut red reflective strips with large full pieces of fluorescent yellow. Simply apply a section of fluorescent yellow and then apply the appropriate strips of reflective over the top of that section.

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The Flooded Applied Chapter 8 Kit

Flooded applied kits are supplied as large sections of fluorescent panel with reflective red strips already applied. This is possibly the quickest type of kit to apply to a vehicle.

Quick and easy flooded applied kits

The Magnetic Chapter 8 Kit

For those who need a temporary solution, the magnetic kit is perfect. Supplied as large magnetic sections of the Chapter 8 kit, this can be applied and removed as and when needed.

Magnetic kits for your vehicle

Choice #3 – How much coverage would you like?

If you’re ordering Chapter 8 kits for vans, you also have the option of the amount of coverage you would like. There is no regulation or hard and fast rule on this, but it goes without saying that the more coverage you have, the more visible you’ll be on the roads. Will you choose full rear, half rear, or full glazed?

The Full Rear Chapter 8 Kit

Full rear coverage refers to a Chapter 8 kit that covers the whole available area of the rear of your vehicle. This includes the windows if it is a van. This provides maximum visibility and can be especially useful for high roof vehicles.

The Half Rear Chapter 8 Kit

Half Rear coverage only covers the vehicle below the rear window. This is standard coverage for cars, but may also be required on vans too. This allows the rear windows to be free from livery, whilst still providing excellent reflective visibility to other road users.

The Full Glazed Chapter 8 Kit

Full glazed Chapter 8 kits allow for the rear window being free from livery, but add an extra bit of reflectivity around the edges of the window. This can be useful for large vans.

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