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Police Compliant Vehicle Livery

A full livery service for Police fleet vehicles

Here at Fleet ID, we offer a full Police vehicle livery service. This includes all battenburg markings, window decals, printed livery and rear chevrons.

Regulation states that the highest form of reflectivity must be used for Police vehicle safety markings. As a supplier of vehicle safety markings to Police departments nationwide, we’re passionate about providing the right solution for your fleet. We’re able to help limit vehicle downtime, ensure consistent corporate image and facilitate a smooth vehicle conversion service.

By understanding the regulations and recommendations placed on Police fleets in terms of fleet livery, our in-house design team offer livery designs that will maximise visibility for your fleet. The liveries are manufactured in our dedicated production site and can also be fitted by our approved fitting engineers at your specified location.

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PSDB/CAST regulation relates to Police markings

The PSDB/CAST regulation which relates to Police markings states “It is important to the effectiveness of the livery scheme that retro-reflective materials of the highest available grade be used throughout”.
At Fleet ID we pride ourselves in providing these materials to Police forces throughout the UK.

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What our Police livery markings are made from

All Police livery markings are manufactured from regulation compliant materials. We manufacture blue and yellow side battenburg markings and rear chevron markings from 3M, Avery Dennison, Nikkalite and Oralite materials. We’re able to advise which materials would be best for your particular fleet livery – contact us today to let us know about your fleet.

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Police livery manufactured from the industry leading brands

3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³

3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³ offers clear, continuous visibility from all angles and is 8 times brighter than the minimum requirement.

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Nikkalite Crystal Grade

Nikkalite Crystal Grade provides excellent reflectivity at long and short distances as well as narrow and wide entrance angles.

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Avery V-8000

Avery V-8000 resists water, dirt and any reflective loss from dents and offers striking day and night-time performance.

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Oralite 6900 and VC 612

Oralite 6900 has a durability of up to 10 years and is an ideal solution for emergency service vehicles.
Oralite VC612 is a prismatic film with a very high level of brightness.

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See the difference between reflective materials

The PSDB/CAST regulation states that retro-reflective materials of the highest available grade should be used for Police livery. This video shows you exactly how metallized, prismatic and engineering grade materials perform in a range of light conditions.

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Reflective materials comparison table



Material Type

Edge Sealed Requirement

3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG³

10 years warranty (all colours)

Prismatic cell structure

Assured Sealed Plus

Nikkalite Crystal Grade

10 years warranty (all colours)

Prismatic cell structure

Gold Status Approved

Orafol 6900

10 years warranty (all colours)

Prismatic cell structure

Orafol Edge Sealed Approved

Reflexite VC612

7 years warranty (standard colours)
5 years warranty (fluorescent)

Metalized film construction

Self Sealing

Avery V8000

7 years warranty (all colours)

Metalized film construction

Self Sealing

Police fleet safety markings based on science

All of the Police vehicle safety markings manufactured by Fleet ID are rooted in scientific research. Our Police liveries comply with the regulations that have arisen as a result of extensive research, carried out by The Home Office Scientific Department.

Click here for full details of the research and its findings

All emergency Police vehicles need safety markings

All emergency Police vehicles need safety markings – but which markings are right for your fleet? Well, that all depends on the use of the vehicle and what type of roads it will be operating on…

Police fleet markings explained…

Full battenburg side markings

Full Battenburg markings should be applied to all emergency service vehicles intended for motorway, high speed roads and patrol duties.

Half battenburg side markings

Half Battenburg side markings are for use on urban/suburban patrol vehicles to ensure safe operation of fleet on non major roads.

Rear Chevrons

Rear Chevrons are required for emergency vehicles operating both on motorways and non major roads (suburban).

The coverage you need for your Police vehicle livery

Our Police vehicle livery kits comply with the regulations related to conspicuity markings for the emergency services – both from a coverage perspective and the retroreflective materials used. Police vehicle markings from Fleet ID Limited will help to maximise visibility for your fleet – whether daytime or night-time conditions.

We’re able to incorporate your particular force branding, if required, as well as any Police vehicle livery text that is needed. This may include bonnet text, text along the sides and also the rear of the Police vehicle.


Edge sealed Police fleet livery

All of the Police fleet livery that we supply is edge sealed. This is where the edges of the cut reflective material are sealed to ensure that dirt and water cannot penetrate the material, which would cause damage over time and affect the reflective performance of the product.

Our edge seal process is tested each time we produce an emergency service kit. This ensures that the full kit will then be fully and properly edge sealed.

Whether you choose 3M, Nikkalite, Orafol or Avery reflective markings, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that they are all edge seal protected.

Police fleet livery produced to the highest standard

We take extensive steps to ensure that your Police safety markings are produced to the highest standard and that edge sealing is carried out with the upmost care for every single emergency service vehicle livery. For full details of the production process, quality control and traceability of our emergency service vehicle livery please click here.

We understand that time is of the essence

This is one of the driving forces behind our unique vehicle livery ordering system – Fleet ID Secure. It has been specifically designed for the emergency services as a place to quickly and easily order fleet livery. Here, you will have access to your exact fleet vehicles, with the option of ordering full markings or replacement parts.

Order at any time of the day or night with Fleet ID Secure and receive the livery within a few days.

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Here when you need us most

Downtime of Police fleet vehicles is disruptive and inconvenient. If your Police fleet vehicle livery sustains any sort of damage, we understand that this will need rectifying as soon as possible.

Police fleet livery can be turned around on a next day basis, so whether you have a new vehicle that needs some urgent livery, or are dealing with accident damage, your Police fleet vehicles need not be out of action a second longer than necessary.

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Need something a little more bespoke?

We’ve also created some Police vehicle liveries with a difference too, such as the example shown here. This vehicle was created for Derbyshire Constabulary for Operation Sceptre in 2021 and was involved in the campaign against knife crime. Click here to read the full story.

Our bespoke vehicle liveries can incorporate all aspects of your force branding, along with any special campaign or recruitment messages. The whole vehicle can be used – sides, bonnet and windows too. If you’ve got a special project in mind, contact our team today on 0344 2098775 or click here for our contact form.

Caring for your Police fleet livery

To keep your Police fleet livery looking great and road ready, it’s important to care for it in the correct way. By cleaning the livery in the correct way, the livery will be more effective for longer.

We’ve put together a great guide for taking care of your fleet livery.

Click here for our care guide

A design service ready to create your perfect Police fleet livery

If you need a little help putting together your perfect vehicle livery design, our in-house design team ready to bring your ideas to life. From logo creation right through to bespoke vehicle livery and markings, just give us a brief and we’ll run with it.

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Livery for your entire Police fleet

Police fleets can involve a range of different vehicles, with very different livery requirements. We’re geared up to supply all kinds of fleet livery for every type of Police vehicle.

Many of our Police customers rely heavily on their motorcycle fleet to cut through dense city traffic or to reach incidents quicker. Our livery service offers all you will need for your motorcycle livery – safety markings, force branding and full colour printed wraps too. We even cover the paniers!

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Comply with Home Office regulation with Police livery from Fleet ID

As with all Police fleet livery that we supply, our Police motorcycle markings comply with all Home Office regulations that apply to this sector. The extensive research carried out to explore the visibility of high-speed vehicles has resulted in the PSDB/CAST regulation from the Home Office.

Find out more about the regulations that apply to Police motorcycle markings

Beacons and lightbars

As part of our full vehicle conversion service for emergency service vehicles, we supply a range of beacons and lightbars.

Find out more about the beacons and lightbars that we provide

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