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Fleet ID Secure – a procurement system tailored to you

If you have a whole fleet of vehicles to keep road safe, it can be tricky to keep on top of all the maintenance that goes along with that. The last thing you need is a difficult and time-consuming way of ordering fleet livery. Having to start an order from scratch every time, ordering whole liveries when you only need part of it and even remembering what reflective material you used last time can all seem like a chore.

That’s where the Fleet ID Secure online ordering system comes in. With Fleet ID Secure, you’ll have an online account which has each of your fleet vehicle livery kits saved to it. Just log in and your exact fleet vehicles are there with all associated livery. From here you can order as much or as little of the livery as you like, from a section of the rear to a full livery including Chapter 8 kit.

  • Safe and secure online ordering
  • Order at any time of the day or night
  • Have all of your fleet vehicles pre-loaded into your account, ready to go when you are
  • Complete flexibility – order a whole kit, just a side or rear, or even just a few panels
  • View past orders and re-order at the click of a button

What you’ll see when you log in

In a nutshell, everything you need for keeping your fleet livery up to date and in tip top shape. Each of your fleet vehicles will show in your dashboard – simply click on the vehicle that requires livery and select the products you need. This could be a full livery kit, a rear, a side, or just a small part of the kit.


The smart way to order fleet vehicle livery

Whether you have reflective safety markings, fully printed graphics, or a combination of both, Fleet ID Secure is the smart way to order your fleet livery. It’s already helping fleet managers and vehicle converters to streamline their procurement processes, saving valuable time and money.

Say goodbye to the days of ordering full kits or even full vehicle sides any time you need any new livery. With your online account you can order just what you need – even down to the individual reflective or fluorescent panel. Each of section of your vehicle livery will be numbered and the replacement panel section of your page allows you to order individual sections of the vehicle livery kit. This is particularly useful for accident repair jobs.


Order at any time of the day or night

We understand that it’s not always possible to place orders within ‘usual office hours’. Your online account means the shop is always open – your ordering system is always there, whenever you need it. No need to wait until tomorrow morning to pick up the phone and run through your order again to place it, when it could have been done and dusted last night.


Don’t forget those little essentials…

From your page you can also order items that you may need on a more regular basis and also useful application tools. Things such as stickers that you may add to every vehicle you convert, with your contact details. Or those tools that always come in handy such as surface cleaner and squeegees.


Easily access past orders

All details of past order can be accessed from your online account. This can be really useful when keeping track of what you have ordered and seeing when you might expect delivery. You can also place repeat orders without going through the process from beginning to end all over again.

How it works

The Fleet ID bespoke ordering system for emergency services provides you with complete control. Log in whenever you need to, from wherever you are and order as much of the vehicle livery as you need at the time.

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All we need from you is the list of vehicles (makes and models) in your fleet. We’ll make those available for you in your account, including all branded livery and away you go!

Our revolutionary system significantly speeds up the process of vehicle livery and conspicuity procurement, allowing your fleet management teams to concentrate on keeping your business ahead of the competition.

For the fastest, most convenient way of ordering Chapter 8 and vehicle livery kits, give us a call with your branding requirements then we’ll do the rest!

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