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Fleet ID are now a member of REMA

In April 2022, Fleet ID Limited became a proud member of REMA (Retroreflective Equipment Manufacturers Association).


What is REMA?

REMA are the trade association for manufacturers of retroreflective and light emitting traffic safety products used mainly on the highway, but also to be found, for example, at airports, industrial sites and sports facilities. At Fleet ID, we have always been in close contact with REMA, ensuring that the advice we are giving to our customers and the products we manufacture meet required standards for each use. 


Becoming a REMA member

We wanted to take this a step further by becoming a member of REMA. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we wanted them to have ultimate peace of mind in terms of their retro-reflective product supplier. As a member of REMA, we now have input into and give feedback relating to European standards that we previously did not have. With this involvement, we can really keep our finger on the pulse in terms of retro-reflective materials that come to the marketplace and the guidelines and regulations that go along with them. This knowledge can then be passed to our customers to inform them to make the right choices for their fleet and fleet markings.



What it took to become a member

In order to become a member of REMA, we had to prove that we comply with product standards and regulations.

REMA has been established for more than 40 years and fiercely protect their esteemed reputation. REMA is recognised by most official bodies as the representative organization for a variety of retroreflective products. Compliance with product standards and regulations is a pre-requisite of REMA membership and the Association’s reputation is therefore accepted as an indicator of the assured quality of its members’ products.


Keeping your fleet covered

For fleet markings and liveries with not only the assurance of manufacturer guarantees, but also the assurance that they’re coming from a REMA member, come to us! We’re here to keep your fleet covered.

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