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Going the extra mile for fleet safety

Here at Fleet ID, we’ve been keeping a very close eye on the latest developments in vehicle safety marking legislation and recommendations. There were some big changes in 2022 in terms of vehicle safety marking regulation and we’ve had our finger on the pulse. The safety of our customers and of other road users is our top priority – it’s what drives us.

Moving into the New Year, we’re concentrating even further on reflective and fluorescent vehicle marking safety products that we’re 100% confident in. Products that we can supply to our customers, safe in the knowledge that they’re heading out onto the roads with safety markings that are absolutely up to the job. Products that we know meet the high expectations and regulations placed upon fleet operators today.

Having already made some tweaks to our Chapter 8 product range, we’re ready to take this motivation for the highest levels of safety and customer service a step further.


Easier choices on our web shop…

Towards the end of 2022, we made some big changes to our web shop in order to make choosing the correct Chapter 8 kit and material for safety markings as easy as possible for our customers. Each material that meets or exceeds R3B standards is now clearly labelled at point of purchase.

Click here to find Chapter 8 kits for your fleet…

We also created a number of informative resources for Fleet Managers wanting to know the regulations that apply to them – explaining what R3B standard means and listing the compliant materials.

Click here to find out more about R3B standards


A change to our product range

With safety at the heart of everything we do and with the recent industry developments in mind, 2023 will see a further change – this time to our product range. We’ve aligned our product offering to only provide safety markings that go over and above required safety standards. With a slightly more streamlined range of reflective materials to choose from, we’re still offering excellent choice, but a choice that makes complete safety sense.

For fleets that do not need R3B compliant markings, we have Nikkalite FEG Engineering Grade and Oralite 5200 Rapid Air. Both products offer great safety levels for fleets operating on roads up to 40MPH (R3B non-compliant).

All fleets that do need to comply with R3B standards have the following materials to choose from: 3M Diamond Grade Microprismatic Red (4092) Red, Nikkalite Crystal Grade Microprismatic CVF Red (92805) R3B and Oralite 6900 Brilliant Grade Microprismatic Red (030) R3B.

Click here to find Chapter 8 kits for your fleet. Not sure whether you need R3B compliant kits? This video will help…



Why the change?

We believe strongly that Chapter 8 signs Manual approved microprismatic products that meet or exceed R3B standards are the best option for our customers. By supplying microprismatic products, we’re ensuring the high levels of road safety that our customers demand and require in order to keep their fleets road ready and legally marked.


Here for all fleets

If you’re not sure which option you should choose for your fleet, we’re here to help. Call our friendly team on 0344 2098775 or click here to fill in a short contact form.

Whichever product you choose – whether you need R3B compliant or not – you’ll receive the full Fleet ID treatment. Commitment to customer service, understanding your needs and supplying the products best suited to your fleet. By choosing Fleet ID, you’re making the choice for the ultimate in fleet safety.

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