Raising awareness for Derbyshire Constabulary’s Rural Crime Team

For Derbyshire Constabulary, rural crime encompasses a huge range of criminal activity which can have far reaching implications. In order to touch base with the communities who may one day call them for assistance, the Rural Crime Team will be attending a number of country shows and outdoor events throughout the summer.

But how best to raise awareness of the vital work the team do? They wanted to make an impression that would really last and stay in the minds of the communities they serve.

That’s how the idea for a ‘Police Tractor’ came to be! And the Fleet ID crew were the people for the job…


The enquiry

As an existing livery supplier to Derbyshire Constabulary, we were asked to take on the project by their fleet manager. After initial conversations about this extraordinary project, we got things under way and the tractor was delivered to Fleet ID HQ, ready for templating, on 6th June. The tractor was templated on site – it was a very different vehicle to our usual, but our professional team took it in their stride.

With the templating process complete, the design for the high visibility conspicuity markings was submitted to Becky – our contact at Derbyshire Constabulary. On Becky’s approval, a test kit was created to double check all measurements and positioning.


The Derbyshire Constabulary Tractor livery kit

As the tractor is on loan to Derbyshire Constabulary, the vehicle markings needed to be removable. In order to facilitate easy removal, the reflective and fluorescent tractor livery was mounted onto removable adhesive. When the vehicle is no longer needed by Derbyshire Constabulary, the livery will be removed and the tractor will be back in ‘civvies’!

The finished tractor

From the start of the project on 6th June, the templating, testing, production and fitting were all complete within two weeks! On 19th June, the tractor was collected from Fleet ID HQ and set out on the road to in its new job as public relations ambassador for the rural crime team!


To find out more about the essential work carried out by Derbyshire Constabulary’s Rural Crime Team, visit https://www.derbyshire.police.uk/advice/advice-and-information/rc/rural-crime/.



If you have an Emergency Service fleet and require any kind of vehicle livery or conspicuity markings, contact our team today on 0344 2098775.

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