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Replacement panels for reflective fleet markings

Just before Christmas, we announced the arrival of our brand new website. Here, you can order reflective vehicle markings to help keep your fleet safe whilst at work. But that’s not all. Side stripes on the roll, application tools and vehicle text decals are also available. We are so excited about the opportunities this opens up for our Emergency Service and fleet livery customers. Having a safe, secure place to order at any time of the night or day brings real flexibility to their working week.

But there are other websites that do this, right? Right! So, we’ve gone the extra mile and really thought about what would make a difference to our Emergency Service and Fleet Management customers. We listened carefully and heard what they had to say about their fleet livery procurement pains.

Our response to this was the bespoke ordering system for Fleet Managers and Emergency Service customers. Designed specifically to combat their biggest bugbears.


Let’s talk about replacement panels

One of the biggest issues was damage repair. It’s never a good thing when one of your fleet vehicles has been involved in an accident. And don’t get us started on water and dirt damage! This can seriously reduce the effectiveness of your reflective vehicle markings. These issues can cause real headaches. Re-ordering the correct replacement panels to repair any kind of damage shouldn’t be one of them.

Clunky ordering processes can really increase downtime of your vehicle. Having to contact your supplier, waiting for quotes, call backs and responses can all eat up valuable time.

But what if you had complete control? What if your fleet vehicles were ready and waiting for you in a secure online account? And what if you could select a replacement panel for the vehicle you need, see the price straight away and order there and then?

log in page fleet id


Your vehicles at your fingertips

With the Fleet ID bespoke ordering system, your specific vehicles will be uploaded to your account. Just let us know the vehicle makes and models that make up your fleet and we’ll make them available to you. When you log in, simply go to ‘My Vehicles’ and they will be ready and waiting.

order replacement vehicle livery panels

From here you can order complete vehicle markings or just the panels you need. No more guess work about whether you’re ordering the correct markings or whether anything has got lost in translation with your supplier. You can see the image of the markings on the vehicle, select the correct panel numbers and add them to your basket. Prices are all there to see and you’ll be able to select your preferred delivery turnaround too.


Give it a try

So, rather than have to pick up the phone, explain the vehicle, which panels need replacing, wait for a price, tear your hair out while the vehicle is sat motionless in your yard – give the Fleet ID bespoke ordering system a go. Simply register your interest here or give our friendly team a call on 0344 2098775 and we’ll be happy to get you started.

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