The brighter way to a safer future

Introducing Fleet ID Blazon - an exciting new suite of products, now available alongside Chapter 8 kits.

Get much more with your Chapter 8 chevron kits with Fleet ID Blazon

Our highly effective, ready to apply conspicuity kits offer outstanding visibility to all kinds of vehicles. Our customers love the ease of ordering R3B compliant kits from us and the added safety these kits give them whilst working on highways and work sites around the country.

Our customers also need a variety of other products and equipment to help them in their day to day operations. Knowing the quality of our kits, we would often be asked for some of these products and, although we were able to supply them, we had no easy way for our customers to order them online with their Chapter 8 kits.

That has now changed.

In order to provide a complete service to our customers, we have now added a whole range of these associated products to our online shop. So now, we’re very proud to launch Fleet ID Blazon – a complete suite of products, all related to Chapter 8 kits, their application and their usage.

All of the products you need – from Fleet ID Blazon

We know that along with rear chevrons, there are a whole host of other essential products that help to keep your work force safe and your fleet vehicle markings in tip top condition. That’s the driving force behind Fleet ID Blazon. This suite of safety products is designed to give you all the required Chapter 8 kits, vehicle text decals, Chapter 8 signage, light bars, traffic cones and barriers to keep your fleet safe and in full working order.

When you order Chapter 8 chevron kits from Fleet ID, all of these essentials are available at the click of a button too. Everything needed to keep a busy fleet road safe and ready for anything.

Build your complete fleet safety order with Fleet ID Blazon Chapter 8 kits here

Fleet ID Blazon – the brighter way to a safer future

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