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Which reflective is most visible to you?

Watch this short video to see which material you would choose for Police vehicle livery.

The importance of reflective safety markings for Police fleet vehicles goes without saying. Ensuring that Police vehicles are at their most visible on the roads is of paramount importance – it improves safety and reduces the risk of accidents.

PSDB/CAST regulation for Police fleet livery

In order to offer the highest level of safety possible to Police forces and the public, the Home Office have conducted extensive research into the types of retro-reflective that should be used for Police fleet liveries.

This is where the PSDB/CAST regulation comes from. The regulation applies to all Police safety livery and states:

“It is important to the effectiveness of the livery scheme that retro-reflective materials of the highest available grade be used throughout”.

Which begs the question – which type of retro-reflective material is the highest available grade?

Which retro-reflective material looks brightest to you?

This video shows a comparison between metallized, cell structured prismatic and engineering grade reflective materials. Which do you think will be most visible as the light conditions change?

Supplying quality livery to Police forces UK wide

Whatever your requirement and whatever type of Police fleet vehicles you may have, we can help with your fleet livery. At Fleet ID we pride ourselves in providing these materials to police forces throughout the UK. Click here to find out more about the Police liveries available at Fleet ID.

For a chat about your Police fleet livery, call our team today on 0344 2098775.

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