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Orafol reflective and fluorescent products offer fantastic durability and ease of application – it’s why so many of our customers choose Orafol products for their fleet livery safety markings.

With exciting new additions to the Oralite range of reflective materials, we’re proud to team up with Tennants UK in order to bring these products to you as an exclusive range of top-quality Chapter 8 solutions.

Here at Fleet ID Limited, we have worked closely with Tennants UK to create a comprehensive collection of Chapter 8 vehicle livery kits to suit every situation and every budget. Choose from Oralite 5200 RapidAir, Oralite 5600 RapidAir, Oralite 5860 and Oralite 6900 reflective products to keep your vehicles safe on the roads. Each of these reflective materials is coupled with Orafol 7510 RapidAir for to create durable and highly visible Chapter 8 products.

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Orafol Chapter 8 kits

Orafol Chapter 8 kits brought to you in association with Tennants UK

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Oralite 5200 RapidAir

This Economy Grade material is suitable for short term (3 year) outdoor applications, and is now available with RapidAir (RA) technology, for ease of application.

Product specification

Oralite 5600 RapidAir

5600 Fleet Engineer Grade is an embedded glass bead product formulated for longer term vehicle applications of up to 7 years, featuring excellent flexibility for application to curved surfaces including rivets. The RapidAir adhesive technology reduces creasing and bubbles on application.

Product specification

Oralite 5860

This High Intensity Construction Grade material has an outdoor durability of 5 years and features a honeycomb structure. 5860 has excellent adhesion to metallic surfaces and high resistance to corrosion and solvents.

Product specification

Oralite 6900

6900 Brilliant Grade is our top of the range livery film, featuring high end prismatic reflectivity and up to 10 year performance on vehicles. Durable enough to withstand the demands for use in the Emergency Services sector.

Product specification

Orafol 7510 RapidAir® Fluorescent Yellow

All Oralite reflective products will be paired with Orafol 7510 RapidAir® fluorescent vinyl to create highly effective Chapter 8 chevron kits. The RapidAir® technology enables easy and quick application and any entrapped air can be easily removed by smoothing it out under the film.

This high performance cast fluorescent film provides high visibility when illuminated by all daylight conditions. Orafol 7510 RapidAir® is especially effective in twilight and conditions of low visibility.

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What’s your make and model?

We are able to manufacture Orafol Chapter 8 vehicle kits for thousands of vehicle makes and models. Whatever size your fleet may be, there is a perfect Orafol product for you. You can also choose whether you have a full rear, half rear or full glazed Chapter 8 kit.

There are choices also for the type of application you would prefer – will you choose planked, flooded separate, flooded applied or magnetic?

If you’re not sure which would be best for you, just give us a call on 0344 2098775 or email and we’ll be happy to advise.

More Orafol reflective products coming soon

There’s more than Orafol Chapter 8 kits available at Fleet ID – you can also source traffic signage, reflective tape and reflective vinyl here too.

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