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Use your registration number to find the right Chapter 8 kit

Do you need Chapter 8 kits for your vehicles? Are you finding it a long and hard task to find the right one? Call off the search – you can find the right Chapter 8 kit for your vehicle in just a few clicks!

Search for your vehicle here

With the registration checker, all you need to do is enter the vehicle registration number and click ‘Search’. The correct rear chevron kits that fit the vehicle will show.


Buy Chapter 8 kits online

When the results appear, simply click through to buy online. You’ll be able to choose what reflective material you would like used to manufacture your Chapter 8 kit. Choose from the following materials:

  • 3M Diamond Grade
  • Nikkalite Prismatic
  • Nikkalite FEG Engineering Grade
  • Avery V8000
  • Orafol 5600 Engineering Grade Rapid Air

For more information about the different reflective materials please click here.


Choose the type of application you need

We also offer Chapter 8 kits with different applications. This choice will determine how the Chapter 8 kit will be fitted to your vehicle.

  • Planked kit
  • Flooded applied kit
  • Flooded separate kit
  • Magnetic kit

Click here to find out more about the different kit applications.



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