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The Fleet ID Templating Service

Every vehicle can have livery with our templating service...

Sometimes, we receive a request for vehicle livery that we don’t have vehicle data or a chevron kits for already. With so many vehicles on the roads and with numerous variations of each one, it’s almost impossible to have a product ready to go for all of them!

This is where the Fleet ID templating service comes in. If you need a Chapter 8 kit or vehicle livery application for a vehicle that you don’t see listed on our website, no need to worry. The Fleet ID team and our templating service are here for you.


Let us know about your fleet

If you have a fleet of vehicles that need bespoke livery or reflective safety markings, we’re able to help. We can supply Chapter 8 chevron kits, emergency service vehicle livery and bespoke branded livery too. For thousands of vehicles, we already have the vehicle information that we need for this. But for those that we don’t have, we call on our templating team.

Do you have a fleet that needs safety livery or branded graphics? Click here to let us know what you need.


What is templating?

To produce high quality vehicle livery that fits in all the right places, we rely on exact details (or data) of every vehicle. This includes measurements of the rear, bonnet and sides of the vehicle that the livery is for. This is what we call ‘vehicle data’. Templating allows us to gather this information, down to the last millimetre!


What information do we need from you?

The first step of the process is to gather the information about the vehicle we will be templating, such as the make, model, etc and where the vehicle is kept. Our templating team work nationwide, travelling to customers’ premises in order to gather all of the correct information. The information that we will ask before attending your premises is shown in the following example:

  • Manufacturer: VOLVO
  • Range: V90 (with photographs if possible)
  • Series: MK1
  • Registration: KR20 YGG
  • Date Range of Model: MARCH 2017 – CURRENT MODEL
  • Body Type: ESTATE
  • No of Doors: 5
  • Drive type: FWD, RWD: ALL WHEEL DRIVE


If you’re not sure on the details above, please just let us know the vehicle registration number and we will find out the required information where possible.

You can search using registration number on the Fleet ID website – click here to check yours


Arranging a date

When we have the details of the vehicle and the information regarding the livery you require (i.e. do you need bespoke branded livery, emergency vehicle livery or Chapter 8 chevron kit?), we will then arrange for a convenient date to visit your premises and carry out the templating. Ideally, the vehicle should be indoors when being templated. Just let us know when the vehicle will be on site and we’ll work with your schedule.


On the day

When our team arrive on site, they will have everything they need to template the vehicle and will be ready to start straight away. Our team will follow all site guidelines during the entire visit – please let them know all guidelines upon arrival.

The templating process involves applying self-adhesive paper to each surface of the vehicle, then tracing the contours and shapes that will be covered with the finished livery. The self-adhesive paper doesn’t harm the bodywork of the vehicle and is easily removed when the process has been completed.

Our team works efficiently and meticulously in order to ensure all required data is collected during the visit.


What happens next

The information gathered on templating day will be brought back to Fleet ID HQ. Here, it will be converted into a digital file that will be used for producing and cutting all elements of your vehicle livery. A visual proof of the vehicle livery will be created and emailed to you for approval.

As soon as you’re happy with the visual, production will begin and a date will be agreed for delivery or fitting, if required.


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