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Why buy R3B compliant Chapter 8 kits?

If you purchase Chapter 8 kits for fleet vehicles, R3B compliant products may be for you.

But what is R3B guidance? And why does it matter?

In short, the new guidance relates to fleets operating and stopping on roads with speed limits over 40MPH. The reflectivity of the red in the rear safety markings now needs to be a minimum of R3B compliant or higher.

Who needs R3B compliant Chapter 8 kits?

R3B compliancy in Scotland and Wales

Operating in Scotland or Wales?

R3B compliant rear conspicuity markings are now a legal requirement.


R3B compliancy and operating in England

Operating in England?

R3B compliant rear conspicuity markings are strongly recommended in order to meet guidance.


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RA2 and R3B – what does this mean and why does it matter?

The rear chevron kits that you have had in the past may have been manufactured from RA1 and RA2 level reflective materials. These no longer meet the required level of reflectivity – and therefore road safety – for vehicle marking usage on high speed roads (speed limits over 40MPH).

The visible difference between the 3 standards of reflectiveness is quite significant, from the lowest level of RA1 to the new minimum requirement of R3B or higher. In efforts to keep as many people as safe as possible on the roads, the requirement for rear chevron markings has shifted to meet the minimum level of R3B or higher.

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R3B compliant kits made easy…

Buying R3B compliant Chapter 8 kits at is really easy. It takes just a few clicks to find your vehicle and the R3B compliant kits are clearly marked for you.

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If you have a question about R3B compliant kits, vehicle safety markings or bespoke vehicle branding, give our team a call today on 0344 2098775.

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